Betancourt Nutrition is the premier online health and wellness destination dedicated to offering only the best bodybuilding and sports supplements.

Why Betancourt Nutrition?

Betancourt Nutrition has continued to grow as a company year after year thanks to the pursuit of providing consumers with some of the most effective products on the market. The company now has over 200,000 sq feet of cGMP manufacturing facilities to ensure product quality.

The first company theme is 'Competition Breeds Innovation' - Betancourt Nutrition will provide customers with product innovations not offered by other brands. Our products feature proven, research supported ingredients in combinations that support the needs of athletes and bodybuilders alike.

The other company theme is 'Whatever It Takes' - Betancourt Nutrition strives to achieve the utmost quality and efficacy with all of its products.

Betancourt Nutrition was founded by Jorge Betancourt in 2002 in Miami. Jorge is a husband, father and former National Physique Committee (NPC) bodybuilding champion athlete and media spokesperson with over 20 years of experience and a reputation for credibility. 


About Jorge Betancourt

In the 1990s a young athletic prodigy from Miami by the name of Jorge “Chic” Betancourt emerged on the competitive bodybuilding scene. His long, full muscles, remarkable symmetry and sharp definition had never before been seen in someone so young.

Upon winning the Teenage USAs in 1989 and the Teenage Nationals in 1990, Jorge quickly became as popular a media figure as top professional bodybuilders vying for the Mr. Olympia title. He received hundreds of letters from fans around the world every week and made repeat appearances on ESPN’s bodybuilding programs in addition to starring in the best-selling video Teen Wonderboy. In 1991, Jorge became the first and only teenager to win the Southern States, a prestigious regional bodybuilding competition. At 5’5” and 165 pounds, he handily defeated men as much as fifteen years older and seventy pounds heavier, proving that quality can supersede quantity. There was talk of him becoming one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

Then, just as suddenly as Jorge had appeared on the scene, he vanished from it. Though most young men in his position would have blindly pursued more titles and trophies, Jorge shrewdly decided to make his mark on the business side of the bodybuilding industry. He built a successful personal training facility in exclusive Coral Gables where he employed a fully certified staff of personal trainers catering to south Florida’s elite. In 2001 he decided that that he wanted to make a positive impact on the bodybuilding community by getting into the business of formulating dietary supplements for this unique breed of athlete.

Jorge relates: “I knew that with the knowledge and experience I had accumulated over the years, I could formulate an entirely unique line of supplements that would simplify and excite the serious bodybuilding athlete’s life and provide him or her with results that can be seen and felt immediately. I’m known for having values that are consistent with my actions. I had no doubt that with the right people and technologies behind me I could build supplements with a reputation for the same.”

Based on this commitment to integrity, Jorge and his wife Charlene launched Betancourt Nutrition in 2002. The first product released was RIPPED JUICE™, a dietary supplement formula used by serious male and female bodybuilding athletes for control of body fat and stimulation of energy levels.



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