Q: What are your favorite Betancourt Nutrition products?

A: Creatine chewies, CLA, Carnitine Plus and FullDose.

Find out what it takes to be one of the best bodybuilders in the world.


Bio : My name is Marco A. Rivera eldest to Three brothers and Two sisters. Born of Puerto Rican descent and raised in the mean streets of the Bronx New York. I was always very competitive and played many sports such as baseball, football and boxing. Bodybuilding was always a dream and not so much a reality due to life just getting in the way. I work a full time job and strive just as hard as any common man out there. My goal in life is to be a great father a great husband and the number #1 bodybuilder in the world.

Birthday: 10/24/1972

Hometown: Bronx NY

Height: 5.7

Contest Weight: 212lbs

Off-Season Weight: 250lbs

Gym (and location): Star Fitness 1385 Commerce ave. Bronx NY 10461

Favorite Body Part To Train: legs

Favorite Exercise: Squats

Favorite Music To Train To: Rap and hard Rock

Favorite Meal (Healthy): Steak and Sushi rice

Favorite Meal (Cheat): Burgers/ ice cream (I know!)




Q: What are your favorite Betancourt Nutrition products?

A: B-NOX, Lean Gainz and BCAA Plus

Height:                                 6ft 4in
Weight:                308lbs
Birthdate:            June 22nd
Home:                  Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Status:                  NPC Super Heavyweight
Facebook:           @Tony Seatts
Instagram:          @tonytrainz

I have been involved in sports since I was a little kid. I played many, but my sport of choice was basketball, which I played religiously all the way up until college.  I had some severe ankle issues that prevented me from being able to make sudden changes in direction at the level required.  Thus, my basketball career ended early. I wanted to remain active and I remembered lifting weights for basketball. I decided to focus my attention on that. I was humbled, quickly noticing how weak I was compared to others,so, my initial goal was just to get stronger.  I started working out consistently, setting goals in the gym, and accomplishing them. One day I was approached by an owner of a gym about bodybuilding. At first I wasn’t interested, I just wanted to be strong.   After several people suggested that I had a good foundation to start with, I decided to give it a try.  I did my first show in 2012 and took last place!  It was this moment when I got hooked on the sport of bodybuilding and set out on a journey that would, unknowingly at the time, be the toughest, but most rewarding journey I would ever be a part of.  At my height I knew I needed to be much bigger and heavier than the shorter guys just to appear as thick as they were.  So my goal was to put on size, and do it quickly, but safely.  I told myself I wasn’t going to step onstage again until I was at least 280lbs in the offseason. Well, it took me 3 years, but I eventually reached an offseason weight of 290lbs. This was 100lbs more than what I weighed at my first show.  I competed and took 1st place in the super heavyweight class.  I have since put on another 18lbs which has me sitting at 308lbs this offseason.  I am excited for what the future holds and I have big plans for competitions in 2016. 

Contest History
2015 Michigan State Championships        2nd Place  (Super Heavyweight)
2015 Grand Rapids Championships           1st place   (Super Heavyweight)

Power lifting Contest History

2016 Michigan APF Fall Meet - 501.5lb Raw Bench Press - Open Class - 1st Place and New State Record 


2017 Michigan APF State Meet - 507lb Raw Bench Press - Open Class - 1st Place and New State Record 


2017 WPC Single Lift Championships - 512lb Raw Bench Press - Open Class - 1st Place and New State Record 



I have been actively competing in bodybuilding shows since 2008. I had always been involved in sports throughout high school, but I was also very overweight. I was sick and tired of being fat and teased, so after graduating I decided it was time to make a change. I joined my local gym and was inspired by some of the guys there to learn more about the bodybuilding lifestyle. With their guidance, I stepped up my training, got my nutrition in check, and competed in my first bodybuilding competition, the 2008 Vancouver Natural. I was hooked!


A year later, I took the Novice Overall at the 2009 Vancouver Natural, which really amped up my drive to keep pushing in the sport. Since then, some of my career highlights have been taking 1st as an Open Middle Weight at the 2012 Washington State, my 1st place win as an Open Light Heavy at the 2014 Emerald Cup, and my Overall at the 2014 Oregon State.  I recently competed in my first national show, the 2015 USA Championships in Las Vegas, and placed in the top 10.


Bodybuilding is a huge passion of mine! I enjoy lifting heavy weights and researching fitness and nutrition information. I like to show people that it’s possible to transform your body, regardless of your circumstances. Outside of bodybuilding I work full time for my family’s cabinet shop, and enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife, Shereena, and 2 dogs. 

I want to thank Betancourt for all their support! Since the beginning of my journey, I have always been a fan of their products, and am proud to be part of such a trustworthy company. One of my favorite products is the Watermelon BullNOX Androrush. It tastes awesome and it gets me super focused for my workout, but not overly stimulated. I also take their multivitamin every morning, and always follow my workouts with the Cinnamon Swirl Beef Standard Protein.

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