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SWET - Betancourt Nutrition - Diuretic and Burn


✔ Clinically Studied Paradoxine® Grains of Paradise Extract - Native to West Africa, Grains of Paradise is a spice that is derived from the same botanical family as ginger. Located within the seeds of the Grains of Paradise includes beneficial constitutes that have been shown to aid in increased energy and fat loss.* Several human clinical studies have shown Grains of Paradise to increase thermogenesis and decrease body fat in hard to reach areas.* L-Carnitine Plus provides a premium standardized extract, which contains 12.5% of beneficial 6-Paradol Seed.

✔ Gamma-Butyrobetaine HCI - Or more commonly known as GBB, is often referred to as being the “superior” form of L-Carnitine. GBB serves as a precursor to L-Carnitine, as our body naturally converts it into this key amino acid. By including GBB, S.W.E.T. enables accelerated production of L-Carnitine within the body for additional lean body support.*

✔ Advanced Hydration Technology - Featuring Hydra 4G™ Glycerophosphate Chelated Salts and Coconut Water Powder to support the body’s water balance and help maintain healthy hydration.* S.W.E.T. enables rehydration through key electrolytes that may be lost due to our potent sweat inducing water expelling technology.

✔ Water Expelling Natural Ingredients - Combining natural ingredients such as Dandelion Extract, Hibiscus Extract, Horsetail Extract, Watermelon Extract, Hawthorn Berry, Green Tea Caffeine, Cranberry, and Apple Cider Vinegar to help reduce bloating and overall water retention.* Our herbal blend was scientifically engineered to supply impactful natural ingredients to help expel excess water from the body.*

✔ High-Quality Ingredients - Betancourt Nutrition strives on providing superior ingredients focused on strong results. S.W.E.T was strategically formulated with advanced diuretic ingredients to help reduce water retention, bloating, and fat loss.*

SWET - Betancourt Nutrition - Diuretic and Burn SWET - Betancourt Nutrition - Diuretic and Burn
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SWET during prep

For almost 2 months now I’ve been active user of this water loss blessing. Preparing for shows has always been a challenge, however the real challenge was expressing all the excess water I hold in my back. Since using S.W.E.T, I’ve kept my same lean weight while also drying out very nicely due to the strength of the product. It’s the first time ever I can really see back definition in my back with 15 weeks still left till show. The water intake has been a staple considering it’s NECESSARY to achieve full Potential of the product. I recommend this to anyone looking to remove that stubborn water weight and would to hear your great stories about your results! #TeamBetancourt

Christian L.
United States United States

I must say I didn’t expect this S.W.E.T pill was going to take affect as good as it did! I’ve been prepping for my bikini competition for the past 11 weeks and I started this pill about two weeks ago. I started with one after breakfast, and I realized I was supposed to take a higher dose. Which I have to say they are strong and very affected. It has helped me with water retention and at a perfect pace. I would recommend to take only one to begin with and after breakfast. I do take it twice a day... the second one I take at noon. For beginners do not use recommended dose. You can slowly work yourself up in taking these. I’m very happy with this product. I will always have a bottle at reach for myself.

United States United States
Had to wring out my shirt

I'm currently using this product to prep for the stage and it is like no other diuretic I've ever taken. Definitely help with water retention.


I have tried other water products before but nothing prepared me for how effective this is! I recommend sticking to one pill as this thing is STRONG!

George M.